3 Tips to Have The Best Roman Holiday

Rome is STACKED with things to do and see, both ancient and modern. This is one city you want to research before traveling to. I spent seven days here over Christmas with my family. We learned a lot about the do’s and don’t when it comes to having the best Roman Holiday.

Tip #1: Hire Tour Guides as much as possible. Especially for the Vatican, Colosseum, Roman Forum, and Parthenon

It’s worth it to pay for guided tours at the Vatican and Colosseum because these are some of the greatest travel icons in the world. Your experience will be enhanced when you have an expert alongside your adventures.

Like most major cities, Rome also has free walking tours. It’s a way to learn from the locals and emerge yourself into the history. We did a free walking tour of the Roman Forum and Parthenon. It was fantastic. (Always tip your tour guides on free tours!)

 At the Vatican and Coliseum you will have the option to do a guided tour by using a headset with a voice recording. It’s not the same as a tour guide. I say you should absolutely splurge for the in person tour guide.

The Colosseum:


Tip #2: Timing is everything. Waking up early to see sites like the Trevi fountain is so worth it. Otherwise these areas can be very crowded and it’s hard to get a good view and a good photo. Wake up before everything else and experience the city in a whole new light.

Waking up early can also save time if you want to enter the Colosseum. Or you can pay a tour guide to skip the line.

Trevi Fountain:


Viewing parts of the city at dusk is so worthwhile. Watching the sunset from the Spanish Steps was one of my favorite things I did. The personality of the entire city changes when the sunsets. Definitely walk around at night. Just be careful because Rome is known to have more crime than some cities.

Also, avoid a crowd at the Vatican by visiting late in the afternoon.

The Golden Hour of Rome:


Tip #3: Rent a Bike and Stay in the City Center Near Piazza Navona. 

I found transportation for 6 people to be a little tricky in Rome. I would recommend renting bikes and maneuvering the city that way. Staying near all the action is a must. You can’t go wrong staying near Piazza Navona. It’s always worth it to pay more and stay in a central location while traveling because you’ll save precious time and it will be more stress free. Staying near this area will allow you to be within walking distance of the pantheon, the Trevi Fountain and more.

Do you have any Rome Travel Tips? Please comment one below!









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