Why I Moved to Southeast Asia Alone At the Age of 22

I have recently moved to Bali, Indonesia from the United States (Michigan) and I feel inspired to share why I chose to make this move across the world alone at the age of 22.

Before the age of 25 I am highly prioritizing world travel and self-education. After age 25 our brains neuroplasticty declines, and our minds belief systems become more set in stone. I am going to places with drastically different values, cultures and lifestyles than my own so that I can learn from them and expand myself. I live with the belief that our environments greatly affect who we are. Becoming the best version of myself while having a high quality of life is why I moved to Ubud, the cultural and spiritual hub of Bali. It’s very important to me that I prioritize my self-education, my quality of life, my happiness, and my life’s purpose over anything else on earth.

While in Southeast Asia I am finishing my degree online part time and also making an income online through multiple streams.

I believe in an education system that helps people learn to make an income for themselves and then travel the world, rather than staying inside a few buildings for 4 years (just what works for me!:). I see many great people in my life who get a college degree and then don’t know what to do after graduation. I believe universities should place more of an emphasis on making an income in a practical way so that people can explore more freely while they are young. The world is the best teacher. I believe if you want to learn Spanish, go to Spain. If you want to learn ancient Egyptian history, go to Egypt. If you want to learn geography, travel. That’s real life to me. Thats my message. I moved to Southeast Asia because if I didn’t follow what I believe I would be a hypocrite. 🙂

I am also moving because I believe procrastination kills dreams. Conditions are never perfect. Do it anyway. I’ve been wanting to travel around Southeast Asia for a while but I still have 20 credits left at Michigan State University to graduate. I told my university my situation and they are making accommodations for me to finish online.

If you want something, ask;)

I had a strong intuitive pull to come to Bali with a one way ticket and so far it has been an amazing journey. I have met a lot of great people and have learned more about myself and the world. Indonesian people are the happiest people I have ever met; I think it’s rubbing off on me (I hope).

Until next time, much love.



Travel cameraSony Alpha a6000

Lens: Sigma 30mm F2.8 DN Lens for Sony E-mount Cameras (black)

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