I Summited Mount Olympus – Here’s my Story in photos

Mount Olympus is known as the mountain of the gods. It is a land rich in Greek mythology and beautiful landscapes.

I spent two days with a Greek tour guide and a group of students from the American College of Thessaloniki hiking the highest Greek mountain (2918m/9577ft).

Here is a short description with photos of what the hike entails.

Day 1: 3 hour hike up to the refuge (2100m).

Chill in refuge with friends, play cards, and drink hot chocolate and wine around a fire. Watch the stars. Wander the mountainside at sunset. Sleep in a bunker with everyone.

Day 2: wake up early, have breakfast in the refuge, and then hike all day to the summit of mount Olympus.

This is when the hike got difficult and scary at times. But very exhilarating. The views were unreal.

At times we had to scale the side of the mountain as it got more and more steep. If you fell you would be a goner, only do this hike if you’re fit.

This was the first time I rock climbed with gear outside a gym.

Once we reached the summit, we had to hike down the mountain back to the bus.

Half of the group got lost from the tour guide (I was in that group…) After 2 hours and some panic attack’s we found the bus.

“They say that there [Mount Olympus] is the seat of the gods, ever secure: it is not shaken by winds or drenched with rain nor do snowstorms assail it, but always brightness is spread about it, without clouds, and a clear light plays about it. There the blessed gods take pleasure every day.” -The Odyssey

Rock climbing

The rock ahead is significant in Greek mythology. It’s also at the summit.

This hike was more difficult and more beautiful than I could have imagined. I have to say it’s one of the coolest things I did while living in Greece. I highly recommend doing it, but with a tour guide if you’re new to hiking. Spending this much time in nature and in constant motion is incredible for our overall wellbeing. A good hike every once in a while makes life come alive❤️

What is your favorite hiking adventure? Comment below.


Delphi, Greece – The Legendary Oracle, Temple of Apollo and Athena

Delphi is an extensive mountainside archaeology site (4th century B.C.) that contains what’s left of the Athena and Apollo’s temples (Greek God and Goddess).

It is the home of a legendary oracle Pythia, where in ancient times royalty from around the world would travel to, consulting on important decisions. Pythia was the legendary priestess who was known to channel Apollo’s prophecies.

This site also contains an ancient stadium and theater.

The ancient Greeks considered Delphi the center of the world. This site and the ancient oracle had tremendous influence over the ancient world. It is now a UNESCO world heritage site.

The Delphi Archaeological Museum displays artifacts collected from the ruins.

 Ruins of the ancient Temple of Apollo at Delphi, overlooking the valley of Phocis.

Ruins of the ancient Temple of Apollo at Delphi, overlooking the valley of Phocis.

The Theater of Delphi

The theater of Delphi

Having a guided tour is recommended because of the sites extensive history.

Athens, Greece Photo Guide

Here are my favorite photos from 2 nights in Athens hosted by The American College of Thessaloniki. Athens is an incredible city and it was nice to have guided tours of all the major icons of the city. There is so much to see here!
*Acropolis Museum

*Acropolis with its beautiful Parthenon

*Changing of the Guards


Above is the famed Parthenon, which is on the acropolis of Athens

The Acropolis Museum - houses artifacts from the Greek Bronze Age through Roman and Byzantine Greece

The Acropolis Museum – houses artifacts from the Greek Bronze Age through Roman and Byzantine Greece

“Athens, the eye of Greece, mother of arts and eloquence.” -John Milton

“Many of our ideas of democracy, so much of our literature and philosophy and science can be traced back to roots right here in Athens.” -Barack Obama


The Changing of the Guards – If you go on a Sunday, there is a ceremonial changing of the guards outside the Greek Parliament building


Study Abroad Fam

Amazed by the Theatre of Dionysus

Amazed by the Theatre of Dionysus

The Acropolis Museum

The Acropolis Museum

Have you been to Athens? What is your favorite place to see?

Being an American Student in Greece -American College of Thessaloniki

Being a student at ACT was overall a very positive experience. I have to say that the most I’ve learned in college thus far has been my year living in Thessaloniki. During this time I was able to immerse myself in Greek culture, travel all over Europe and Africa, make friends from all over the U.S. and Europe, solo travel, show my family around North Greece, complete two semesters of university, and so much more.

ACT is a hidden gem in Greece and I would choose to study here a thousand times over. I love that the city and university is off the beaten path of Greek/ European tourism, but that you’re also very close to some of the best tourism on earth. The campus is in the mountains and is relaxing and beautiful. It’s small and quaint and the people are friendly and welcoming.

Study abroad exposed me to what I want to pursuit in my life and it gave me so much love for travel. Read here on 3 ways study abroad has enhanced my life.

Some of the highlights of studying at the American College of Thessaloniki are the field trips that ACT offers; my favorites are listed here.

Photos of the American College of Thessaloniki Campus


Bunkers from WWII – When the Nazis occupied Thessaloniki they used the school as their headquarters…


The hidden chapel in the forest behind campus

4 Steps to Overcome Self-Limiting Beliefs

  1. Identify your limiting beliefs. Be specific.

What is holding you back in your life? What is it you want to change? It could be around relationships, self-worth, money, insecurities, unprocessed emotions, etc. Try journaling around this topic and/or talking to a friend, therapist, or coach about what you feel is holding you back. Get crystal clear on what you want to change.

2. Realize the truth.

The truth is that you are limitless. It’s only in our minds that we ever feel less than. Adapt to a growth mindset about the possibilities for yourself, rather than a fixed mindset, which will not help you change. Remembering your wholeness is key. You are whole and lacking nothing. You have all you need of this earth to live the life of your dreams. You are supported and guided in every step you take toward living your best life. If this feels hard for you to remember, try a meditation. It’s easier to feel your wholeness when we let go of the outside world. Fill your mind with positivity and inspiration daily and cut out media that doesn’t serve your highest good. 

3. Reset your limitations

This is my favorite part! Once we see our limitations and realize how silly they are to live with when we are know we have control on who we become, we get to create our new mindset. Daily Repetition is key while we preprogram our belief systems. Having someone to hold you accountable is helpful. 

A powerful way to create our new limitless belief system is through affirmations, meditation, and visualization. We have to dig deep and go into our subconscious minds if we want to truly experience lasting behavioral change. The following practices do that. 


In a meditative state we can easily penetrate into the deeper layers of our minds. Our subconscious mind rules over 95% of our behavior and so that’s where we need to do the real work. Meditate for at least 10 minutes a day while doing your affirmations and visualizations. They will be much more powerful while you are in a susceptible state of mind.

Affirmations – I am ______

I call affirmations sacred sentences. They are one-liners to speak, write, chant, and/or think on a daily basis. They are words that rewrite the story of our lives to our liking. Humans run off their stories whether we like it or not, so taking control of our story is incredibly powerful.

Use the phase “I am _____” For example, if you want to see more money in your life begin saying “I am a money magnet. I am abundance. I am paid for my great work. I am worthy of all I desire.”

Get creative and customize your own to best suite you. Write them on sticky notes and place them around your house. Make them the home screen on you phone. Get used to saying them outloud daily. You can speak things into existence. Record yourself saying them on audio. Do guided meditations with your favorite affirmations. There are thousands of free ones online.

I hope you realize how incredibly powerful and capable you are of changing your life.

Shop books on Affirmations here.  


Whatever we see, feel, and think consistently will show up in our lives. Envisioning your desired outcome will get you there faster. If you’re limiting belief is that you can’t do something, begin visualizing yourself doing it. Feel the fear, accept it, and then watch it fall away. If you want to travel to Paris but your limiting belief is that you can’t afford it, start visualizing yourself there. The “how?” is not your problem. Get very specific on the details of your vision. Create a vision board. The key is to FEEL the emotion of your desire before you have it. Feel this way as much as you can throughout your life and watch how quickly things change for the better.

4. Marry Your Vision. Know it’s already done.

Bring yourself to a state where it’s already done. KNOW and FEEL that you are the embodiment of who you want to become. If you feel weak and helpless but your affirmation is “I am strong” know you already are strong by embodying strength in meditation. Get used to this feeling and carry it with you. Now that you know it’s inside of you and that you are capable of experiencing it in the world, you will become a magnet for this experience in your life.

Move into the space of the person you want to become on a consistent basis.

Things are worse in our minds than in reality. Tuning up your mindset on a regular basis is well worth it.

These tools are fun and they have majority enhanced my life. It does not work if you do not implement; try it before you judge it!

“Stop acting small. You are the universe in ecstatic motion.” -Rumi