Why A Trip To Amsterdam is Therapeutic

The architecture in Amsterdam is therapeutic alone. Add in all the city has to offer and it’s a serious mood lifter in a so many ways.

Here are a few ways a trip to Amsterdam can be therapeutic, along with photos of the city.

The Architecutre 




It’s the best place to ride a bike. Because Who isn’t happier after a bike ride? Better yet, take a guided bike tour, make new friends from around the world, and learn some history about the city.



You can lighten up A LOT in Amsterdam. Visit the Red Light District. Hangout in a “coffee shop,” even if you don’t like to consume marijuana, it’s obviously legal here and a part of the city’s unique culture. 


You can get a major change in perspective – Visit the Ann Frank House. This place will leave you in silence and marvel. It’s not everywhere that you can view one of the most horrific events in modern history through the eyes of a child. You will probably shed some much needed tears. I did.


You can chill in a magnificent park. Optional Tai Chi. Nothing is more therapeutic than sunshine and nature. Amsterdam’s parks are prime in the summer months. It’s common to see groups of people doing chi tai. So peaceful.


People doing tai chi in the park


Amsterdam has one of the best live music scenes. Catch a music festival. Dance. Go on a pub crawl. Make new friends. Amsterdam’s night life is hard to beat.



ADE – Amsterdam Dance Event

You can take a relaxing boat ride through the famous canals.


A trip to Amsterdam can be whatever you want it to be. It is a very unique city and there is something for everyone. I hope you get the chance to enjoy a therapeutic trip to Amsterdam ASAP. And if you have been there, what’s an activity you recommend?