Thessaloniki, Greece – A Story in Photos

Thessaloniki is a must see city while in Northern Greece. It is the food capital of Greece and has one of the longest board walks in Europe. Salonika is my home away from home; it has a very welcoming and friendly energy.

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Cretan Beach Resort Vacation

Crete is the largest of all the Greek islands and also the southern most island, closest to the African boarder. In Greek mythology this island was the birthplace of Zeus. The crystal clear water, great private beaches, renowned archeological museums, fresh seafood, beach resorts, nightlife, and traditional Greek cultural immersion make it an island with…

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Female Solo Travel in Santorini

Female solo travel is nothing to fear, especially on the enchanted little island of Santorini, Greece. At the age of 21 I spent my first solo travel here. Rumor had it that solo travel is a must if you’re into personal development and self-growth. I’ve aways been an experimental kind of person and so I…

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